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"Hidden" Keyboard Shortcuts

Many Mac users are familiar with a handful of keyboard shortcuts, like ⌘N for a new window or ⌘W to close a window. But did you know that there are plenty more? Read More »

Map your contacts!

Did you know that you can quickly pull up a map of someone’s address directly from inside Mac OS X Leopard’s Address Book?

Simply right-click (or ctrl-click) on your contact’s address and choose “Map Of.” A Google Map of that location will open in your default browser!

[via The Unofficial Apple Blog]

Search Wikipedia from Dictionary

Did you know that you can search Wikipedia right from the Dictionary application? As long as you have an internet connection, you have access to all of Wikipedia without opening a web browser. Read More »

How To: Install & Uninstall Software

There are a few questions that come up again and again when I talk to Mac users who want to learn to use their computers more effectively. The two most important are: How do I install software? and how do I uninstall software? Read More »

How to: Safely handle email attachments & downloads

It’s important to remember that all computers (even Macs) can be harmed by malware. But, armed with common sense, you can easily protect your computer from trojans and viruses.

Apple recently updated this article about protecting your computer (and your data) from malicious applications: Safety tips for handling email attachments and content downloaded from the Internet

Smith College ITS also recommends McAfee Virus Scan for Mac OS X, which is a free download from the Smith Software page.

Acceptable Use of Computer Resources on Campus

This is a friendly reminder that Smith provides information technology resources to students, faculty, and staff for academic purposes and for their use while engaged in college business. The college has established standards and policies for the acceptable use of these resources, and expects all students, faculty, and staff to be familiar with and honor them. Read More »

iCal & Smith

iCal iconDid you know that you could download the Smith Academic Calendar to your Mac? Follow these instructions on TARA to add the 2008-2009 Academic Calendar to iCal.

If you’re new to iCal, take a look at Apple’s Mac 101: iCal.

And if you use Google Calendar, check out this tutorial: How to: Subscribe to a Google Calendar using iCal [The Unofficial Apple Blog].

Previous Mac User posts about iCal: How to: Backup iCal

How To: Backup iTunes

Did you know that there is a quick and easy way to backup all of your iTunes music onto an external hard drive (or to CD or DVD)?

Apple recently published this handy article with step-by-step instructions: Back up your iTunes library by copying to an external hard drive

How To: Alphabetizing Firefox Bookmarks

If you’re a Firefox user (either because of all the great plugins available, or because you recently switched from a PC, or just because you like it!), this tip from MacWorld will probably come in handy: Alphabetizing Firefox Bookmarks

Make your PowerPoint Presentations PC-Compatible

One of the things that Mac users love about their Macs is being able to drag-and-drop between the OS and applications. Unfortunately, this can backfire if you are making a presentation that will be viewed on a Windows computer. Read More »

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