Art in Asia: Smith visits Seoul & Hong Kong


From the Smith College Museum of Art: Movement, by the Korean-American artist Yong Soon Min. The piece was acquired by the Korean American Students of Smith.

Smith students have gone home for the summer, but the staff is still hard at work. This May, Kim Albright ’72, Director of International Advancement, and Jessica Nicoll ’83, Director & Chief Curator of the Smith College Museum of Art visited Seoul and Hong Kong to engage Smith alumnae, current students and parents, and potential Smith students and their parents, in conversations about art.

Seoul is home to a number of beautiful art galleries and museums, and many Korean students study art programs at Smith. Likewise, Hong Kong has a variety of offerings for art lovers and many alumnae have beautiful art collections.   Both cities presented a wonderful backdrop for conversations about art, art programs, and both Museum and alumnae art collections.

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