Gorokhoff, Ivan T.

Ivan T. Gorokhoff

Ivan Timofeevich Gorokhoff was born in Leschinskaya, Russia on November 14, 1879. He was educated at a seminary in Kursk with the prospect of becoming a Russian Orthodox priest, but instead focused on choral conducting. He was Choirmaster at the Theological Seminary, Kursk (1904), of the Kursk Cathedral Choir (1904-1906) and at the Synod Choirmaster School (1906-1912) before coming to the United States in 1912. Upon arrival in New York he became the Choirmaster of the Russian Cathedral (1912-1918) and came to Smith College in 1918. At Smith College he conducted various choral groups until his retirement in 1945. Gorokhoff died in New Haven, Connecticut on January 24, 1949.

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