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House Descriptions Deadline

Attention HPs: This is a reminder that the deadline for sending your house descriptions to is this Friday, March 9th. Thanks to the following houses for sending in your blurbs: Cushing, Dawes, Duckett, Hubbard, Gillett, Parsons and Wilson. That leaves many house descriptions still to come, and I look forward to reading them.

GradAd Dealine Extended

The deadline for GradAds has been postponed until March 23rd. Seniors, use this extension to remind your parents about this opportunity, perhaps when you go home for spring break. It’s a great way to commemorate not only what you’ve done at Smith, but also your background outside of Smith and all of the hard work […]

Call for suggestions

The yearbook staff is looking for YOUR SUGGESTIONS for the events/traditions to be featured in this year’s book. So far the events to be included are: Convocation Mt Day Family Weekend Tea Otelia Cromwell Day Halloween/Snow storm Celebration Rally Day Drag Ball Student leadership awards Collaborations House Parties Senior Banquet Senior Ball Ivy Day Illumination […]

House Photos Update

Thanks to the following houses for welcome us in to take your picture for the yearbook: Tyler, Sessions, King, Dawes, Northrop, Washburn, Chase, Park Complex, Morris, Emerson, and Gardiner To the houses who took their own house photos (Sessions and Parson for example) please make sure that your photos are in compliance with the requirements: […]

House Photos- Progress!

Thanks to the following houses for welcoming us into your homes to let us take your photo. You are awesome! Wilson, Comstock, Cushing, Scales, Chapin, Capen, Lawrence, Cutter, Ziskind, Hubbard, Talbot We will see the rest of you tonight. HPs: If you have not yet signed up- go ahead and see if there is still […]

Senior Portraits

Attention Seniors! Have you not yet taken a senior portrait? Were you unhappy with your senior portrait you took in September? Prestige photography will be on campus again the week of October 24-28 so go back onto and make a new appointment. Taking a portrait with Prestige is the only was to guarantee your […]

House Photos

Attention HPs! In our yearbook, there will be a photo of the residents of each house along with the portraits of the seniors from that house. Prestige Photography will be going around to each house 7-9 pm Sunday October 23-Wednesday October 26. HPs: Go to and create an account for your house where the […]

Submit your Photos to the Yearbook

There are two ways to submit your photos to the yearbook: 1. Go to and create an account, indicating your institution as Smith College. Then, upload your photos. 2. Download the Yearbook Yourself app for smartphones. Take a picture or choose a photos on your phone; choose share; select yearbook staff; put in Northampton’s […]