Senior Portraits:

Seniors are required to be photographed by Prestige Portraits during one of the weeks they are on campus in order to have their portrait in the book. They are required to sign up for a sitting appointment, pay the $5 sitting fee, and choose their “favorite” online once their proofs have been posted. IT’S THAT EASY.


Grad Ads:

Information is sent to seniors’ parents in the fall about submitting GradAds to the yearbook. GradAds are a message from the parents to the seniors to commemorate the hard work they’ve done that allowed them to graduate from Smith. Parents can get color or black and white in a variety of sizes. GradAds are also a great way to help fund our yearbook and keep us in business.


Distribution of the Yearbook:

Books will be mailed to seniors c/o their parents for free in the beginning of the fall after you graduate. This means it will be sent to the address listed as your parents. We do this because with the uncertainty that follows graduation from college, it is difficult to get a defined address from seniors. We have found this system to be the most effective in distributing the books to the students. If you have any concerns regarding this, please contact Tamra Bates at