ISO Smith
International Students Organization

International Students' Organization (ISO) aims to promote the cultural diversity that international students bring to Smith. Our events, which are cultural, social, economical and/or political in nature, serve as a platform where students can share, exchange and appreciate each other's cultures. Additionally, ISO provides a support system for students whose home is not in the USA. ISO works closely with the Office of International Students and Scholars headed by Dean Hrayr Tamzarian.

There are about 60 different countries represented at Smith. View

Meet The Cabinet

Iju Shakya '13

Hello! This is Iju, a Senior from Nepal. I am a Biological Sciences major and a Chemistry minor. I live in Chase house, and I am the ISO President of this year! I love traveling, and experiencing new cultures. Besides Nepali food, I am a big fan of Thai food!! This semester, I am learning Korean, and I absolutely love it! In my free time, I enjoy watching the Big Bang Theory!

Cecilia Maina '14

Hello, my name is Cecilia Maina, a junior economics and psychology major from the lovely country kenya, home of hakuna matata. i am very happy to be serving the iso community as your secretary. i hope i get to meet all of you ISO members by the end of the year, so feel free to say hi if you see me around campus :)

Jahanara Saeed '13
Cultural Chair

I'm Jahanara. I'm an Economics major from Lahore, Pakistan. I live in Park House and I am one of the Cultural Chairs for this year!  I am also very involved with EKTA (South Asian Students Association) and I spent the last year studying abroad in London. I love cats, travelling and experiencing new cultures, watching television shows, trying new food and of course, chocolate! Feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns or if you just want to say hi. I'm really looking forward to getting to know all of you during the course of this year! :)

Xuehang Fei '13
Cultural Chair

Hi, I am Xuehang Fei from China and I'm a Math & Econ double major. I am one of the cultural chairs this year. I love drawing, dancing, shooting photos and equestrian. I am glad to be part of ISO and let's make this year fantanstic!

Nini Dvali '15
Social Chair

Hi, I am Nini Dvali, a social chair. I am a sophomore and Neuroscience major. I am from Georgia, I love ISO and I am proud to be contributing to this perfect community of awesome international ladies! I am eager to get to know each one of you and promise to help ISO cabinet to make your Smith experience unforgettable!

Krithika Venkataraman '15
Publicity Chair

Hello, Namaste, Bonjour! I'm originally from India, having lived half my life there and the other half in Belgium. I'm currently a sophomore, doing a Biochemistry major, and a Neuroscience minor. I like to indulge in aesthetic pleasures such as dance (which I have a soft spot for, as I learned Indian classical dance for 11 years), music, literature and foreign languages. In my spare time, you could find me gallivanting off on quests to decipher parasites in Ford Hall, or getting caught in a magical land musing over random things such as tea, dinosaurs and blowing bubbles. Travelling to new places and adventure sports are among my favourite holiday activities. I'm very excited to get to know everyone in the extended ISO family and beyond, so cheers to a splendid year ahead!

Divya Chand '14
Conference Chair

I'm a Psychology major from New Delhi, India, and am super excited to be ISO Conference Chair this year. I love traveling, learning words in different languages, reading, animals, beaches, mint hot chocolate, and the tiny chocolate globes that lie in the Global Studies Center :)

Naomi Ito '14
Vice President

Naomi Ito / Yokohama, Japan / Biology and Education / Avid Foodie / Anti-mayonnaise / Cannot tolerate romantic, horror, or gory movies / Short-sleeper / Glued to the Food Network / Dislikes going in water / Snowboard junkie / Diplodocus / Disapproves of sweetened tea / Impossible to stop eating cheese nachos / I love ISO.

Rui Li '15

Aloha dear Smithies! I'm Rui Li from China and I'm major in math and eco.  I am your treasurer for this year. I enjoy traveling and making friends. So if you want to talk with me or look for a friend traveling with you, feel free to email me!

Lou Gore '15
Cultural Chair

I am Lou Goore Gnonomi Laura Lydia.You can call me Lou. I am from Cote d'Ivoire, a beautiful country in west Africa. During my first year at Smith I felt welcome by the ISO and that is one of the reasons why I chose to be in the ISO as a cultural chair. As cultural chairs, My colleagues and I organised cultural events such as big sib/lil sib, the ISO day and rhythm of nations... I am also involved in the Community Service Organization and in a non-profit organization called Musana Jewelry. I love eating delicious food, to DIY, to sleep, to have fun while still challenging myself intellectually. I am an economics major and I love ISO. 

Wiame El Bouhali '14
Social Chair
My name is Wiame El Bouhali, I am a junior engineering major and I am from Sale, Morocco.This is my second year as the iso social chair. I love being part of ISO and meeting people from all over the world.I want to become a civil engineer and build bridges.

Asma Amin '15
Social Chair

I am from Afghanistan. I have been in the United States for 3 years. I am biology major and want to be a gynecologist. I am the Social Chair of ISO

Hanyu Zhang '16J
Publicity Chair

Hi lovely Smithies. My name is Hanyu Zhang,born and breed in China, I enjoy art very much and DIY is my favorite. This year, I’m one of your publicity chairs in ISO.I will use my artistic skills and passion to create posters to advertise our events. My favorites are peaches, oreo cream and anything in green tea flavor! I love meeting new people and hanging out with friends. Feel free to email me for any questions! Let’s make this year LEGIT!

June Lukuyu '13
Website Administrator/ Historian

I am a Senior, majoring in Engineering Science. Proudly Kenyan! You can find me in King House or my second home, yah you guessed right, Ford Hall! I love to eat and sleep (don't we all), chill out with friends and most of all, learn new cultures and that is why ISO is the best place to be!