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Ten Fun Facts About South America

Fact 1:
The Angel Falls is the Highest Waterfall in the World and is located in the South Eastern part of Venezuela.

Fact 2:
Llamas are the Strange Animals of South America. They are used as Beasts of Burden. Alpaca and Guanaco are the varieties of llama.

Fact 3:
Amazon, which originates from The Andes Mountains is the Second Longest River in the World after Nile and has the Greatest Volume. Madeira is the Largest Tributary of Amazon.

Fact 4:
South America, at (17,819,000 sq km), is the fourth largest continent in the world. 

Fact 5:
More than 2,000 different species of butterflies are found in the rainforests of South America.

Fact 6:
Andes form the Second Highest Mountain System in the World next to the Himalayas. They are Young Fold Mountains. Mt. Aconcagua is the Highest Peak (7,021 m) of The Andes.

Fact 7:
 Peru is one of the Leading Countries of the World in the Fishing Industry.

Fact 8:
Guano Islands off the Coast of Peru have the World’s Most Concentrated Single Source of Natural Manure. These Rainless and Desert Islands are home of millions and millions of Guano Birds which live entirely on Sea Fish. The droppings of these birds are valuable manure for a variety of crops like Sugarcane and Cotton.

Fact 9:
Paraguay and Bolivia are the only Landlocked Countries in South America.

Fact 10:
Atacama, the World’s Driest Desert situated in the Region between Northern Chile and Southern Peru.
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