Welcome to the Conbust 2014 website!

Conbust 2014 runs from March 28th-30th

We are in the final stretches of preparation for Conbust! Hope to see you there!

The official ConBust weapons policy:

  1. No actual weapons. Swords and guns will be taken on sight.
  2. All swords with scabbards will be peace tied.
  3. No projectile weapons are allowed (this includes marshmallow crossbows, loaded Nerf guns, squirt guns, etc). If you use them inside, the Constaff reserves the right to confiscate them immediately.

Convention Times:

Friday: 5:30pm-12am
Saturday: 9:30am-11pm
One Dance to Rule Them All: 9pm-12am
Sunday: 9:30am-4pm

Artist/Dealer Room Times:

Friday: 7pm-9:30pm
Saturday: 9:30am-8pm
Sunday: 9am-4pm