Hawaii 2003 ~ Click on photo to enlarge. Use arrows to navigate.

0 aerial snake river
0 aerial snake river.jpg
0 aerial springfield
0 aerial springfield.jpg
0 aerial springfield suburb
0 aerial springfield suburb.jpg
aerial hololulu crater
aerial hololulu crater.jpg
aerial hololulu harbor wide
aerial hololulu harbor wide.jpg
aerial honolulu harbor
aerial honolulu harbor.jpg
aerial jurassic falls
aerial jurassic falls.jpg
aerial maui
aerial maui.jpg
animal argiope
animal argiope.jpg
animal brazil cardinal
animal brazil cardinal.jpg
animal crab
animal crab.jpg
animal feed koi
animal feed koi.jpg
animal feed koi 2
animal feed koi 2.jpg
animal green bird
animal green bird.jpg
animal lizard leaf
animal lizard leaf.jpg
animal parrot
animal parrot.jpg
animal puffer
animal puffer.jpg
animal shark
animal shark.jpg
animal shark night
animal shark night.jpg
animal shield spider
animal shield spider.jpg
animal snail
animal snail.jpg
animal swan koi
animal swan koi.jpg
animal turtle
animal turtle.jpg
animal urchin
animal urchin.jpg
animal urchin surface
animal urchin surface.jpg
animal zjemi turtle
animal zjemi turtle.jpg
botanic banana tree
botanic banana tree.jpg
botanic bouquet
botanic bouquet.jpg
botanic candelabra palm
botanic candelabra palm.jpg
botanic coconuts
botanic coconuts.jpg
botanic color beads
botanic color beads.jpg
botanic croton
botanic croton.jpg
botanic fan palm
botanic fan palm.jpg
botanic fiddlehead
botanic fiddlehead.jpg
botanic fiddlehead head
botanic fiddlehead head.jpg
botanic leaf texture
botanic leaf texture.jpg
botanic lobster claw
botanic lobster claw.jpg
botanic orchid 1
botanic orchid 1.jpg
botanic orchid 2
botanic orchid 2.jpg
botanic orchid 3
botanic orchid 3.jpg
botanic palm sky
botanic palm sky.jpg
botanic palm striations
botanic palm striations.jpg
botanic rain forest closer
botanic rain forest closer.jpg
botanic rain forest vista
botanic rain forest vista.jpg
botanic red blossom
botanic red blossom.jpg
botanic red corn
botanic red corn.jpg
botanic redstalk blossom
botanic redstalk blossom.jpg
botanic rhodo giant
botanic rhodo giant.jpg
botanic spiral bark
botanic spiral bark.jpg
botanic tree curve
botanic tree curve.jpg
botanic tree roots
botanic tree roots.jpg
botanic waterfall
botanic waterfall.jpg
botanic zjemi root wall
botanic zjemi root wall.jpg
botanic zjemi sword tree
botanic zjemi sword tree.jpg
chinese boys dragon
chinese boys dragon.jpg
chinese cymbol girl
chinese cymbol girl.jpg
chinese cymbol girl et al
chinese cymbol girl et al.jpg
chinese dragon head
chinese dragon head.jpg
chinese dragon kid
chinese dragon kid.jpg
chinese dragon kids
chinese dragon kids.jpg
chinese drum girl
chinese drum girl.jpg
chinese girls
chinese girls.jpg
dancer mall
dancer mall.jpg
dancer mauna lani 1
dancer mauna lani 1.jpg
dancer mauna lani 2
dancer mauna lani 2.jpg
dancer mauna lani 3
dancer mauna lani 3.jpg
helo inspection
helo inspection.jpg
helo napali coast
helo napali coast.jpg
helo robin
helo robin.jpg
helo waimea
helo waimea.jpg
helo waimea horn
helo waimea horn.jpg
helo waimea waterfall2
helo waimea waterfall2.jpg
helo zjemi
helo zjemi.jpg
m Pele-Zjemi
m Pele-Zjemi.jpg
m Tiki robin
m Tiki robin.jpg
m Tiki zjemi
m Tiki zjemi.jpg
m Tiki zjemi pal
m Tiki zjemi pal.jpg
m clothes dry
m clothes dry.jpg
m hotel nightIMG_0085
m hotel nightIMG_0085.jpg
m hydrant
m hydrant.jpg
m mauna kea
m mauna kea.jpg
m palm weavers
m palm weavers.jpg
m security
m security.jpg
m sunset
m sunset.jpg
m tree memorial
m tree memorial.jpg
m truck reflect
m truck reflect.jpg
m us after
m us after.jpg
m us before
m us before.jpg
m us restaurant
m us restaurant.jpg
m zjemi boat
m zjemi boat.jpg
m zjemi coral
m zjemi coral.jpg
m zjemi weaving lesson
m zjemi weaving lesson.jpg
petro circles
petro circles.jpg
petro false
petro false.jpg
petro monkey
petro monkey.jpg
petro paddler
petro paddler.jpg
petro sign
petro sign.jpg
scene grafitti
scene grafitti.jpg
scene palm pond
scene palm pond.jpg
scene shore inlet
scene shore inlet.jpg
scene shore inlet 2
scene shore inlet 2.jpg
scene surf ledge
scene surf ledge.jpg
scene umbrella tree
scene umbrella tree.jpg
scene valley
scene valley.jpg
scene waimea canyon cleft
scene waimea canyon cleft.jpg
scene waimea canyon grass
scene waimea canyon grass.jpg
scene waimea canyon texture
scene waimea canyon texture.jpg
scene waimea crag
scene waimea crag.jpg
scene waimea red earth
scene waimea red earth.jpg
volcano cave zjemi
volcano cave zjemi.jpg
volcano cliffside
volcano cliffside.jpg
volcano crater rim
volcano crater rim.jpg
volcano desolation
volcano desolation.jpg
volcano lava bridge
volcano lava bridge.jpg
volcano lava chunk color
volcano lava chunk color.jpg
volcano lava fire
volcano lava fire.jpg
volcano lava iridescence
volcano lava iridescence.jpg
volcano lava pudding
volcano lava pudding.jpg
volcano lava taffy
volcano lava taffy.jpg
volcano lava tube entrance
volcano lava tube entrance.jpg
volcano lava tube lit
volcano lava tube lit.jpg
volcano lava tunnel end
volcano lava tunnel end.jpg
volcano lava tunnel skylight
volcano lava tunnel skylight.jpg
volcano lava wrinkles
volcano lava wrinkles.jpg
volcano path
volcano path.jpg
volcano plume
volcano plume.jpg
volcano ranger
volcano ranger.jpg
volcano stone pile
volcano stone pile.jpg
volcano sulfur field
volcano sulfur field.jpg
volcano sulfur plume
volcano sulfur plume.jpg
volcano tree hole lava tall
volcano tree hole lava tall.jpg
volcano tree hole regrowth
volcano tree hole regrowth.jpg
volcano tree lava lift
volcano tree lava lift.jpg
volcano treehole lava mass
volcano treehole lava mass.jpg
volcano warning sign
volcano warning sign.jpg
whale back
whale back.jpg
whale tail
whale tail.jpg
whale zjemi photog
whale zjemi photog.jpg