Streaming video

These audiovisual sources represent women’s activism in a wide range of social justice causes including women’s suffrage, labor, civil rights, peace, women’s liberation, women’s health and reproductive justice, environmental justice, indigenous rights, and immigrant rights.

  • Being an Activist: women discuss their identity and experiences as activists
  • Campus ActivismSmith students and alumnae talk about activism on campus from the 1960s to the present
  • How to Organize: women talk about how to be an activist and share their knowledge on the nuts and bolts of organizing
  • Learning from History: activists discuss the importance of applying the history of social justice movements to current organizing strategies
  • Women Activists in Action: Archival video footage of demonstrations and rallies, and slideshows of historical photographs and documents related to women’s activism



  • The lock icon lock icon indicates that content is restricted to Smith campus use only.
  • Video and audio quality varies depending on the conditions of the original recordings and possible deterioration of the original media over time.