Unsaved Changes Will Be Lost

Smith College Senior Studio Art Virtual Exhibition 2020-21

Click image above to view Amelia Austin’s video
  • Amelia Austin
  • Camille Butterfield
  • Lee-Won Fulbright
  • Phoenix LaTaj
  • Lucy Xiaochuan Liu
  • Emily Uss
  • Cyrus White
  • Sophie Willard Van Sistine
  • Sylvia Wakabayashi

Over the past year our world has experienced great loss and changed in unthinkable ways. We have adapted to maintain connection by inhabiting virtual space: pop-ups, inbox alerts, and Zoom invites have shaped new neighborhoods, stores, and social spaces we visit. Information presents itself in a perpetual stream. Living through our devices, we are challenged to make choices about what information to contribute, to save, to archive, and to let go.

Smith College’s first entirely remote Senior Studio class presents a collection of artworks that reflect on fractured and liminal relationships, interrogate spaces of safety and confusion, and explore the viscera of everyday rituals and objects that have become intimately familiar during the quarantine. Creating in a digital realm asks us to choose how media and memories are saved, and what gets lost in the code.

View screenshots of the virtual gallery below, and click here to download the interactive gallery program to run on your own computer.

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Click image above to view Sophie Willard Van Sistine’s video