As environmental and humanitarian crises increasingly provoke our scientific and social imaginations, we believe it is vital that our artistic, literary, and philosophical imaginations be just as fully engaged. The Center for the Environment (CEEDS) established the Arts Afield program in order to formalize and encourage work in the arts and humanities at the MacLeish Field Station with the goal of investigating and contributing to the development of ecological consciousness.  

Arts Afield (recently joined) the national Long Term Ecological Reflections Project (LTERP), a consortium of academic field stations that take a 200-year look at ecological changes on field station grounds. To facilitate this process at MacLeish, we have developed ten reflection plots, each with its own survey marker and GPS coordinates. Each plot was selected for a special characteristic, such as its topography, vista, or cultural history. Literary, philosophical and artistic reflections related to these plots will be added to an online database in the form of story maps that enable viewers to click on a map of the field station and view paintings, read poems, stories, essays, or even watch video of a dance performance.