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BMX 100: Frontiers in Biomathematics
Offered Fall 2015. The gateway course for the Biomathematical Sciences Concentration, where students work in activities involving data collection and modeling based on ongoing faculty research. See More

BMX 110: Biomath Bootcamp
ffered Fall 2015. This 2 credit Laboratory must be taken in conjunction with BMX 100. This is an intensive introduction to modeling life sciences processes and systems using the Matlab software package.  The course meets M-W 7:15-9:15 for 8 sessions. Taught by Sarah Hews (Hampshire)  with coordination by Denise Lello (Smith)

MTH/CSC 205: Modeling in the Sciences
Offered Spring 2016. Ileana Streinu T-Th 3-4:50. This course integrates the use of mathematics and computers for modeling various phenomena drawn from the natural and social sciences with special emphasis on the life sciences. See More

MTH 292: Data Science
Offered Fall 2015. This course provides a practical foundation for students to compute with data, by participating in the entire data analysis cycle (from forming a statistical question, data acquisition, cleaning, transforming, modeling and interpretation). See More

MTH 353: Applied Algebraic Combinatorics
DNA and RNA can each be represented as a sequence of letters (nucleotides).  This course will focus on these combinatorial properties of these sequences, studying different kinds of permutation groups, their generators, and their Cayley graphs. See More

Chem 400: Molecular and Cellular Biophysics.  Taught by William Loinaz, TuTh 2:30-3:50

MTH 240: Mathematical Modeling of Biological Systems

MTH 260: Differential Equations

NS 127 :Collapse Phenomena MW 1-2:20 Taught by Sarah Hews with biological examples

NS-0260: Calculus in Context
Offered Spring 2016.  MWF 9-10:20 A course integrating calculus with student-selected models for dynamical systems in economics, ecology, epidemiology, and physics.  See More

NS 274: Linear Algebra MWF 10:30-11:50 taught by Sarah Hews with use of many biological applications

NS 313: Mathematics of Investment and Credit TTH 10:30-11:50

Mount Holyoke
MTH 339: Topics in Applied Mathematics: Mathematical Models
Topics include exploring how specific mathematical models have been formulated to deal with various problems, and outlining the tools and techniques used in models. See More