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MTH 364: Applied Partial Differential Equations

MTH 364: Advanced Topics in Continuous Applied Math

Fall 2013: Dynamical Systems, Chaos and Applications

Offered at Smith College.
Professor Christophe Golé

An introduction to the theory of Dynamical Systems with applications. A dynamical system is a system that evolves with time under certain rules. We will look at both continuous and discrete dynamical systems when the rules are given by differential equations or iteration of transformations. We will study the stability of equilibria or periodic orbits, bifurcations, chaos and strange attractors. Applications will often be biological during the course, but students will do their final project on a scientific application of their choice. Prerequisites: Linear Algebra and Multivariable Calculus or permission of the instructor.

Spring 2013: Partial Differential Equations

Offered at Smith College.
Professor Nessy Tania


Introduction to partial differential equations to describe physical processes. Heat, wave and LaPlaces’s equations. Separation of variables and Fourier series. Finite difference numerical methods.  Application to the life sciences such as chemotaxis, biochemical reactions/transports, cell cycle and developments.