Frontiers in Biomathematics BMX 100

Offered Spring 2012 BMX 100 The course web site will be up soon with more details. Meetings are Mondays from 7:20-9:20. Students will learn modeling software skills as well as life sciences data collection techniques. During the course, three faculty teams will engage students in their biomath research collaborations.
Mary Harrington (Smith, Life Sciences) and Tanya Leise (Amherst, Mathematics) Oscillations of Biological Clock Gene Expression
Michael Barresi (Smith, Biology and Neuroscience) and Nessy Tanya (Smith, Mathematics and Statistics) Embryonic Neural System Development in Zebrafish
Sarah Hewes (Hampshire, Mathematics) and Noah Charney (Hampshire and MHC, Biology) Modeling unisexual-bisexual dynamics in salamanders