Projects accepting students for summer 2016

Bioacoustics and the Architecture of Human Hearing

Statistics: Nicholas Horton (Amherst College)
Engineering: Susan Voss (Smith College)

Evolutionary Computation Applications to Biomathematics

Computer Science: Lee Spector (Hampshire College)

Modeling intrinsically disordered proteins

Chemistry: Kathryn McMenimen (Mount Holyoke College)
Computer Science: Audrey Lee-St.John (Mount Holyoke College)

Co-­‐evolutionary analysis of protein structural interactions

Biology: Patrick Williamson (Amherst College)
Mathematics and Statistics: Susan Wang (Amherst College)

Analysis of community level host-parasitoid dynamics

Biological Sciences: Martha Hoopes (Mount Holyoke College)
Computer Science: Dan Sheldon (UMass Amherst and Mount Holyoke College)

Quantifying Evolutionary Events

Computer Science: Sara Sheehan (Smith College)

Measuring Morphogenesis of the Embryonic Brain.

Mathematics: Nessy Tania (Smith College)
Biological Sciences: Michael Barresi (Smith College)

Protein Geometry and Structure

Chemistry: Cristina Suarez (Smith College)
Mathematics and Computer Science: Ileana Streinu (Smith College)

Spatial Analysis of Biological Variation

Evolutionary Biology: Charles Ross (Hampshire College)

Exploring protein folding kinetics with graph theory

Chemistry: Sheila Jaswal (Amherst College)
Mathematics: Amy Wagaman (Amherst College)

Spirals in nature: Phyllotaxis

Mathematics: Christophe Golé (Smith College)
Biological Sciences: Denise Lello (Smith College)

Biophysical and cell biological mechanisms of the cytoskeletal molecular motors dynein and kinesin

Biological Sciences: Nathan Derr (Smith College)
Computer Sciences: Ileana Streinu (Smith College)

Currently Not Presently Accepting Applications

Analysis of spontaneous activities of sensory neurons in zebrafish

Mathematics: Nessy Tania (Smith College)
Biology: Josef Trapani (Amherst College)

Statistical analysis of comparative murine metagenomics
Biology: Steve Williams (Smith College)
Mathematics and Statistics: Katherine Halvorsen (Smith College)

Control of Animal Development by Steroid Hormones and Evaluation of Microarray Data

Biological Sciences: Craig Woodard (Mount Holyoke College
Math and Statistics: Ji Young Kim (Mount Holyoke College)

Geometry of an Ecological Arms Race

Biological Sciences: L. David Smith (Smith College)
Mathematics: Christophe Golé (Smith College)

Oscillations in Biological Clock Gene Expression

Life Sciences: Mary Harrington (Smith College)
Mathematics: Tanya Leise (Amherst College)

Protein Function from Rigidity, Flexibility and Motion

Biology: Robert Dorit (Smith College)
Mathematics and Computer Science: Ileana Streinu (Smith College)



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