Projects accepting students for summer 2017

Quantitative study of behavioral and molecular measures of the mouse circadian clock
Tanya Leise (Mathematics & Statistics, Amherst College)
Mary Harrington (Neuroscience, Smith College)
Goals of this project are to study joint effects of circadian disruptions and high fat diets on young and old mice, and to develop a set of R scripts for analysis of the behavioral and molecular data from these experiments.

Bioacoustics and the Architecture of Human Hearing
Statistics: Nicholas Horton (Amherst College)
Engineering: Susan Voss (Smith College)

Evolutionary Computation Applications to Biomathematics
Computer Science: Lee Spector (Hampshire College)

Modeling intrinsically disordered proteins
Chemistry: Kathryn McMenimen (Mount Holyoke College)
Computer Science: Audrey Lee-St.John (Mount Holyoke College)

Analysis of community level host-parasitoid dynamics
Biological Sciences: Martha Hoopes (Mount Holyoke College)
Computer Science: Dan Sheldon (UMass Amherst and Mount Holyoke College)

Development of Auditory Perception
Josef Trapani (Biology, Amherst College) and Nessy Tania (Mathematics, Smith College)

Project: Reconstructing the Ancestral Killing Breadth of Colicins
Robert Dorit (Biology, Smith College)

Measuring Morphogenesis of the Embryonic Brain.
Mathematics: Nessy Tania (Smith College)
Biological Sciences: Michael Barresi (Smith College)

Protein Geometry and Structure
Mathematics and Computer Science: Ileana Streinu (Smith College)

Exploring protein folding kinetics with graph theory
Chemistry: Sheila Jaswal (Amherst College)
Mathematics: Amy Wagaman (Amherst College)

Spirals in nature: Phyllotaxis
Mathematics: Christophe Golé (Smith College)
Biological Sciences: Denise Lello (Smith College)

Biophysical and cell biological mechanisms of the cytoskeletal molecular motors dynein and kinesin
Biological Sciences: Nathan Derr (Smith College)
Computer Sciences: Ileana Streinu (Smith College)

Currently Not Presently Accepting Applications

Biology: Steve Williams (Smith College)

Control of Animal Development by Steroid Hormones and Evaluation of Microarray Data
Biological Sciences: Craig Woodard (Mount Holyoke College
Math and Statistics: Ji Young Kim (Mount Holyoke College)

Geometry of an Ecological Arms Race
Biological Sciences: L. David Smith (Smith College)
Mathematics: Christophe Golé (Smith College)




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