Four College Biomath Related Courses

Amherst College
Biology 330/Chem 330: Biochemical Principles of Life at the Molecular Level
Biology 380: Genome Biology
Bio 400/Chem 400/Phys 400: Molecular and Cellular Biophysics
Math 240: Mathematical Modeling of Biological Systems
Math 260: Differential Equations
Math 365: Stochastic Processes
Stat 240: Multivariate Data Analysis

Hampshire College
Cognitive Science 261: Animals, Robots, and Applied Design
Cognitive Science 273: Varieties in Mind
Cognitive Science 281: Statistical Analysis of Neural Behavior
Natural Science 260: Calculus in Context
Natural Science 274: Linear Algebra
Natural Science xxx: Mathematical Biology: Physiology
Natural Science xxx: Mathematical Biology: Infectious Diseases

Mount Holyoke
Biology 223: Ecology
Biology 234: Biostatistics
Biology 302: Molecular Evolution
Biology 321s: Molecular Ecology
Biology 322: Comparative Biomechanics
Math 339: Topics in Applied Mathematics – Optimization
Stat 240: Elementary Data Analysis and Experimental Design
Stat 344SG: Applied Statistical Genetics

Smith College
Biology 335: Bio-informatics and Comparative Molecular Biology Laboratory
Computer Science/Math 205: Modelling in the Computer Sciences
Computer Science 334: Topics in Computational Biology
Engineering 350: Engineering and Cancer
Engineering 373: Seminar: Skeletal Biomechanics
Math 290: Research Design and Analysis
Math 292: Data Science
Math 353: Topics in Discrete Applied Mathematics
Math 364: Advanced Topics in Continuous Applied Mathematics

Biology 383: Gene and Genome Analysis
Public Health 391B: Introduction to Biostatistics
Biostats 690MS: Stochastic Models in Population Genomics