Contract Form

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We voluntarily enter into the AEMES mentoring relationship from which we both expect to benefit.  We aim for this to be a rich and rewarding experience, with most of our time together spent in activities that support the wellbeing and growth of the mentee.  To this end, we mutually agree upon the terms and conditions of our relationship as outlined in this contract.

1. We agree that the mentoring relationship will last for 1 academic year (though it could continue beyond this time period).

2. We agree that the Peer Mentor will take responsibility for initiating weekly contact, particularly at the start. However, the mentee will take some responsibility for maintaining contact. We both will be responsible for the communication in the mentoring relationship.

3. We agree that the Mentor will take responsibility for organizing monthly face-to face meetings. Once we agree on meeting times, they should not be cancelled unless this is unavoidable. At the end of each meeting we will agree on a date for the next meeting.

6. We agree that we will participate in AEMES community building activities, will complete surveys of the AEMES Mentoring Program and will otherwise respond in a timely manner to communications from the AEMES Mentor Leaders and the AEMES office.

7. The Mentor agrees to provide constructive feedback to the Mentee for the purpose of assisting the Mentee in their life at Smith. The Mentee agrees to be open and responsive to constructive feedback.

8. We commit to open and truthful communication in our mentoring relationship. We will discuss and attempt to resolve any conflicts as they arise. If, however, one of us needs to terminate the relationship for any reason, we agree to abide by the decision of our partner.