Dr. Karen SearsThe Evo-Devo of Limb to Wing
Dr. Karen Sears
December 2016


Dr. Tyrone HayesThe Teratogenic Effects of Atrazine
Dr. Tyrone Hayes
November 2014


Dr. Michael ShapiroBirds of a feather will flock together: Pigeon Evo-Devo
Dr. Michael Shapiro
November 2014


Dr. Daniel GorelickTransgenic Zebrafish Reveal Tissue-Specific Differences in Estrogen Signaling in Response to Environmental Water Samples
Dr. Daniel Gorelick
October 2014


Dr. Susan NagelEstrogen and Androgen Receptor Activity of Hydraulic Fracturing Chemicals and in Surface and Ground Water in a Drilling Dense Region
Dr. Susan Nagel
October 2014


Dr. Sean B. CarrollEvolutionary Origins of Novel Genes through Rregulation and Modification of Cis-regulatory Elements
Dr.Sean B. Carroll
March 2013


Dr. Marianne Bronner-FraserEarly Regulatory Relationships in the Lamprey Neural Crest Gene Network
Dr. Marianne Bronner-Fraser
December 2012


Dr. Peter CurrieHow Fish Got the Strength to Walk
Dr. Peter Currie
December 2011


Dr. James NoonanGene Regulation and Human Evolution
Dr. James Noonan
November 2010


Dr. Michael ShapiroParallel Genetic Origins of Pelvic Reduction in Vertebrates
Dr. Michael Shapiro
April 2010


Dr. Denis DubouleThe Evolution and Role of Hox Genes in Limb Development
Dr. Denis Duboule
November 2007


Dr. Sofie SalamaThe Development and Evolution of the Human Brain
Dr. Sofie Salama
December 2006


Dr. Cliff TabinThe Developmental Biology Behind Darwin’s Finch Beak Adaptations
Dr. Cliff Tabin
November 2005