Modeling Central Nervous System Disorders Using iPSC Technology

Many diseases and disorders impact the proper development and functioning of the nervous system. To better understand how stem cells are helping to shed light on nervous system diseases, the creators of this movie have focused on two temporally opposed diseases. Specifically, Autism spectrum disorders, which impact the development of the brain within two years of birth, and Parkinson’s Disease that does not reveal its degenerative effects until that last third of ones life.

Using these two diseases as examples, this movie details how induced pluripotent stem cells are providing a patient specific level of analysis that in some cases has directly impacted the advisement of their care. Including both scientist and patient perspectives on these diseases and the role of stem cells this movie is both as informative as it is emotionally impactful.

©2012 MIchael Barresi, Smith College

Student authors: Haneui Bae, Samantha Ross, and Sheila Sernoff