Modeling Diseases Using Stem Cells

This documentary is focused on the role Stem Cells are playing to model human disease. It is only now with improved abilities to manipulate human embryonic stem cells and human induced pluripotent stem cells that we can actually investigate the progression of many diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease, Downs Syndrome, and even extremely rare disorders like Fanconi Anemia. While the potential to treat degenerative diseases with stem cells gets a lot of press, it is using stem cells to model disease that represents the most immediate and most impactful aspect of these amazing cells.

Watch this movie and gain a better understanding of how stem cells are enabling researchers and medical professionals to finally study, in a direct way, human disease. The next two movies created during this class are also on this same theme, but delve deeper into how stem cells are being used to study specific disease types, namely CNS and blood diseases.

©2012 Michael Barresi, Smith College

Student authors: Luvana Chowdry, Alexis Jaramillo, Hyunkyung Kang, and Sonia Sidhu