Stem Cell Ethics and Governmental Policy


There is significant debate in religious venues, research labs, on Capitol Hill, and even in the court house about the use of human embryonic stem cells for research and clinical use. This documentary is focused on presenting what this debate is about, and how it has and will continue to effect research progress, federal funding, and the treatment of human blastocysts (early embryo). Since the summer of 2010 two “adult stem cell” scientists have filed a lawsuit against the federal government in an attempt to ban the federal funding of embryonic stem cell research.

This movie will highlight this current court case as a central theme to help convey the major issues being debated on this topic. Neither the student authors nor Smith College prescribe any specific position on this debate, and the opinions presented in this movie are of those individuals giving them. ©2011 Michael Barresi, Smith College

Student authors: Sofia Annis, Sylvie Bae, Aparna Kamath, and Nadine Mckenzie