Dev Tutorials

Dev Tutorials are video recordings of developmental biologists describing key concepts in the field. These tutorials are primarily authored by Drs. Michael Barresi and Scott Gilbert who are the co-authors of the 11th Ed. of the textbook “Developmental Biology” by Sinauer Associates. These lessons are to complement the chapters within this text book and serve as a basic coverage of these key concepts.

Purpose: Teachers are encouraged to use these Dev Tutorials to supplement the text and provide an opportunity to offer a “Flipped Classroom” approach to teaching Dev Bio. Students watch these Dev Tutorials before coming to class; then, while in class, teachers can incorporate more active learning approaches such as interactive case study problems that are also offered with the 11th Ed.

*These Dev Tutorials are the sole production of Smith College and will always be freely available to all from this website.

Cell Specification
Differential Gene Expression
Morphogen Signaling
Stem Cell Basics
Mammalian Sex Determination
Find It, Lose It, Move It
Legends of the Sperm and Egg
Neural Crest Development
Evo Devo Part One
Evo Devo Part Two
Developmental Symbiosis
Introduction to Limb Development


Transcript for Personhood
Transcript for Cell Specification
Transcript for Mammalian Sex Determination
Transcript for Find It, Move It, Lose It
Transcript for Capacitation
Transcript for Legends of the Sperm and Egg
Transcript for Neurulation
Transcript for Neural Crest Development
Transcript for Somitogenesis
Transcript for Twinning
Transcript for Gastrulation
Transcript for Evo Devo Part One
Transcript for Evo Devo Part Two
Transcript for Developmental Symbiosis