The “Student Scientists” Outreach Program

Vision Statement: To encourage the development of life-long scientific learners through engaging, student-centered investigative, problem solving curriculum.


1. Excite and prepare students to pursue and succeed in STEM careers.
2. Enhance the level of inquiry-based laboratory curriculum in primary and secondary Ed schools.
3. Provide teachers the latest in current training and equipment to energize them to provide effective inquiry based pedagogy.


The Student Scientists program focuses on the use of the zebrafish model system to take advantage of its beautiful and captivating embryology, the many genetic and cellular approaches, fast embryonic development, and its total accessibility for assaying environmental manipulation. We primarily target teacher training with the zebrafish, and tailor its use to the common core objectives and teacher goals.  This program’s success is in part due to the fact that we are not adding on curriculum to teachers, but providing opportunities to deliver the same curriculum with more engaging and inquiry based methods.

The Student Scientists Outreach Program was seeded both in conception and funding from a “CAREER” award to Michael Barresi from the National Science Foundation. Additional and continued support has been provided by Smith College.

Program Director: Michael J. Barresi
Community Outreach Coordinator: Thomas Gralinski
Co-educators: Many Barresi Lab members provide invaluable support to this program. They have included staff support, and graduate and undergraduate students.

Participating Districts

Windsor, CT
Enfield, CT
Longmeadow, MA
East Hampton, MA
Hampshire Regional (MA)
Northampton, MA
Greenfield, MA


Contact Information:

Michael J. Barresi

Email: mbarresi@smith.edu

Thomas Gralinski

Email: tgralins@smith.edu