The Barresi Lab has been generously funded by the following sources:

1. Smith College in lab startup, CFCD, ETS, and Science Center funding.

2. The National Science Foundation

a. 2011 – 2016. CAREER AWARD: “The role of glial cells during commissure formation in the zebrafish forebrain.” $768,640
b. 2008. MRI: “New instrumentation for high resolution 4D imaging.” $650,170
c. 2006. RUI: “The role of Slits and Robos during axon and glial cell guidance in the forebrain.”  $387,084
d. 2006. SOMAS – Support of mentors and their students in the Neurosciences $10,000

3. The National Institutes of Health

a. 2015 – 2018. R15: “Wnt pathway crosstalk regulates neural stem cell proliferation during development in the zebrafish spinal cord.”  $338,650
b. 2008-2012. R15: “The Role of Eg5 in Radial Glial Development in the Zebrafish Spinal Cord.” $199,526

4. Private Foundations

a. 2010 -2015. The Revson Foundation: “Enlarging contexts: Enhancing learning using video conferencing.” $15,000