Zebrafish Facility

Smith College Zebrafish Facility

Why Zebrafish?

Timelapse of a zebrafish embryo developing

The zebrafish has recently become a favorite vertebrate model system to many researchers studying Neuroscience. Zebrafish can be bred in a small laboratory space and produce hundreds of embryos a day for analysis. Most importantly, zebrafish is the fastest developing vertebrate model system, going from a one-cell embryo to an embryo with a functioning nervous system in less than 24h. Additionally, zebrafish embryos are optically transparent, enabling the observation of single cell movement and tissue formation in living embryos. Experimentally, zebrafish provide the ability to use genetics, classical embryology, molecular biology, physiology, and pharmacology to answer our research questions. Click here to download a timelapse movie of a zebrafish embryo developing. Credit: Don Kane and Rolf Karlstrom, 1996.

Zebrafish Controlled Mating Procedure