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    Dates:   TBD          

    Jan. 13, 9-12 PM, 1-4 PM
    Jan. 14, 9-12 PM, 1-4 PM
    Jan. 15, 9-12 PM, 1-4 PM
    Jan. 16, 9-12 PM, 1-4 PM
    Jan. 20,21  7-9 PM

    Guest Instructors (2015): Sarah Hews, (Hampshire College)

    Instructor of record: Denise Lello, (Smith College)

    Goal of the class: The goal of the class is to give life science students basic computing tools to help them in their research. They will acquire both data analysis and modeling skills using the scientific software MATLAB.

    About the instructors:  Sarah Hews is a bio-mathematician, faculty at Hampshire College.

    Denise Lello is a biologist and the coordinator of the biomath concentration and the 4 College Biomath Consortium.

    :  Introduction:  Installation, Matrix Structure, Help, Basic Commands
    :  Functions, M-Files, Plotting Graphs and Displaying Data, Saving Data
    :  Plotting Solutions to Systems of Differential Equations: Loops, Built in Solvers
    :  Importing Data, Fitting Parameters, Passing Parameters Between M-files
    : Project Presentations

    Assignments / Grading:

    There will be daily assignments to practice programming with life sciences examples.  Students will work on an independent/group project of their choosing.  Presentations will be on the last day of class.