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Justifying Buddhism with Science?

The concept of karma in Buddhism maintains that all actions are conditioned by previous actions and give rise to the actions or consequences that follow. In “Is Delusion Hardwired?” Wendy Hasenkamp says, “ancient ideas about karma…are mirrored with surprising detail … Continue reading

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Can Uniqueness and Essencelessness Coexist?

For the past two weeks in class, we have read about and analyzed two of the Three Turnings of the Wheel of the Dharma: emptiness and consciousness (or mind-only). As we have discussed, followers of Mahayana Buddhism believe that the … Continue reading

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Dependence and Attachment in Buddhism

In reading chapter two of Buddhist Philosophy, I was not surprised to learn that the concept that “all phenomena are dependently originated is the heart of Buddhist ontological theory.” While this theory was not the focus of Garfield’s piece on … Continue reading

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