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~~Chogyam Trungpa and the ko0l kids ~~

The hippies of the 70’s aren’t much different from the hipsters of today. Popular/trending waves during the two decades in America (1970-1980 and 2005-2015) include the use of “mind-expanding drugs”, vegetarian food diets, and a rise in equal rights movements. … Continue reading

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Emptiness and The Dalai Lama

The branches of Buddhism debate with each other. They are conversations of different interpretations or stories that they believe the Buddha told. Emptiness, as we’ve learned describes lack of essence, or the interconnectedness of everything. However, these debates call into … Continue reading

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Awareness of Self through the Eightfold Path

I’ve become increasingly aware of how my physical surroundings affect the way I think, conduct myself, and my emotional undercurrents, as well as how each of those relate to one another. It should be obvious enough, for example, how the … Continue reading

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