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Was Virupa arrogant or doing what needed to be done?

Early on we learned that Buddha was inspired to share with others what he had learned during his awakening – how suffering was the “fundamental problem of life” and how our suffering could end with an understanding of the four … Continue reading

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Can I let go of my “self” if I can still hold onto power?

In class the other day, I mentioned that my I think my ego gets in the way of my accepting emptiness/essenceless as Nagarjuna believed it to be.  How could I not have an essence, not even in this world?  It’s … Continue reading

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Everyone is Relevant

What we learned from Gethin in Chapter 4 was how the Buddhist community or Sangha was comprised of both monks/nuns and laypeople and how these two groups were mutually dependent on each other.  The Monks relied on the laypeople to … Continue reading

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