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Queer Theory and Buddhist Thought

I want to talk about queer theory this week. It’s on my mind all the time since I go to Smith, but also because I’m taking a SWG class this semester. Much of queer theory derives from the idea that … Continue reading

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The relationship between The Four Noble Truths and the teachings of Nagarjuna

During the last few classes, I have noticed that there seems to be a deep connection between Theravada (specifically The Four Noble Truths) and the Mahayana (specifically the ideas of Nagarjuna on Madhyamika about essence/emptiness.) It took me a while to … Continue reading

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Emerging Gender Perspectives in Buddhist Thought

As a Smith student, it is essentially impossible to read anything without instituting some kind of gender-framework analysis, even if the text does not refer directly to the gendered aspects of the concept in question. The poems for Monday, which … Continue reading

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