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Poor Them, Who Cause Harm to Me

Our discussions on Virupa have focused largely on his life: noting its colorful elements; making sense of its moral ambiguity; evaluating whether, based on his actions, we can take any of his teachings seriously as truly Buddhist in the first … Continue reading

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Getting Saved, Riding Bikes: Sort of the Same Thing

Embarrassingly enough for a religion major who studied ancient Greek once upon a time and who should perhaps have known or been able to parse it already, I have learned a new word in the course of our readings: soteriological, … Continue reading

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Monk Phenomenology? or: Breakdancing Monks: They’re Just Like Us

Rupert Gethin expounds at length on the symbiotic relationship between Buddhist monks/nuns and the laity on whom they depend for alms, in return for dharma, as part of the Vinayas, roughly equivalent to Roman Catholic monastic orders’ “rule of life.” … Continue reading

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