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Perception and Virupa

The fact that Dharmapala changed his name to Virupa, (which means ugly), could be viewed as a demonstration of his humility. Or this very same act of changing his name could be viewed as shameful, an accurate and literal name, … Continue reading

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provisional and definitive meaning, objective form and consciousness, conventional and ultimate truth

I believe the actuality of provisional and definitive meaning is brilliant. Provisional meaning can be used by a master as an aid, helping to teach a student about the truth. An example of a provisional teaching given by the Buddha … Continue reading

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The Relationship between the Laity and Monastic Community and a little bit about the Role of the Vinayas

A monks relationship to the laity is very ironic. Monks renounce the world, vowing to not pursue or crave any worldly possessions. However, it is ironic that by renouncing from worldly, activities, the monks become dependent on the world. By … Continue reading

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