Week One in San Pedro: Settling in, School Visits, Fundraising, & Media

Today marks one week since our arrival on La Isla Bonita. So much has happened since we have arrived. We’ve already had a taste of Waruguma’s pupusas, Paradice Cream, Miss Albertina’s, and Neri’s tacos! We’ve also have been adjusting to the heat and going for swims after a day of work. By now most of the team has gotten a better sense of the island and navigating through Front, Middle, and Back street. Throughout the week we have advertised at the schools, advertised for our movie night, fundraised for camp, and made visits to the local media stations.

Coral Ed Team on their way to San Pedro!

(L to R) Jasmine, Glenda, Yeiny, Giovanna, and Emily outside the Hol Chan Marine Reserve Office

(L to R) Renée, Glenda, Yeiny, Jasmine, and Giovanna outside the Hol Chan Marine Reserve Office

School Visits

We have gone to advertise the Youth Camp and REEF Program to La Isla Bonita Elementary School and Holy Cross Anglican School. This year, our skit includes Glenda the Grouper Fish, Yeiny the Jellyfish, Renée the Manta Ray, and Giovanna the Kid and is centered around an encounter they have one day swimming in the ocean. The skit touches upon many topics including family, symbiotic relationships, and corals, and it ends with an invitation to this year’s camp. The kids absolutely loved it!!

Renée, Yeiny, Glenda, and Giovanna performing their skit at La Isla Bonita Elementary School


We have been going around the Island asking community businesses and resorts for donations to help cover the cost for some of the fun activities of camp such as the glass bottom boat trip and for food donations for the graduation we have at the end of camp. As of now, we have received the generous support of many businesses. We will have cupcakes, brownies, fruits and stew chicken donated for camp and graduation! We are very grateful for the support of the community.


Glenda and Renée made an appearance on Good Morning San Pedro and Reef Radio. In addition, Giovanna, Emily, and I recorded an advertisement for camp and community movie nights on the Christian Lighthouse Radio. The ad will run until July 1st, so hopefully, students will listen to it and attend camp this summer! We also reached out to the local newspapers and have gotten the word out on their sites.

San Pedro Sun:


Ambergris Today:


Glenda and Renèe on TV!! (Good Morning San Pedro)

Jasmine and Yeiny at the Reef Radio office

Emily, Jasmine, and Giovanna recording at the Lighthouse Christian Radio

(L to R) Giovanna, Jasmine, Emily, and Yeiny after recording at the Lighthouse Christian Radio

There have been many highlights of the week, but some of the most memorable have been our encounters with past campers and those familiar with the Coral Reef Ed-Ventures. For example, when Emily and I visited the RC school, some of the students ran up to us and asked if we were going to have camp this year. We told them yes! They were so happy and began reminiscing about their experience in camp. They said they’ll get their permission slips from the library soon. In addition, we encountered some community members who are looking forward to our table at Lobsterfest…which isn’t for another two weeks!  It’s the small things that have made San Pedro feel like home for us all during this week. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of our time here.

– Jasmine Pacheco-Ramos & Coral Ed Team 

Sunset on the water

A beautiful evening in San Pedro

Rooftop view

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  1. Wonderful to hear about your work and the beautiful island! Who takes the pictures? The one of the boat during sunset is truly spectacular!

  2. Yay! So glad to hear publicity and fundraising is going well! You guys look great in all the pictures! So cute!

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