Week Four: Online activity development

This week team STARRS began to develop online activities that could be used by children any time. We look forward to trying them out with volunteers in the Smith community and beyond this summer. We also began planning for an in-person camp next year. In order to prepare materials accessible online. team STARRS spoke with Coral Ed Alums Dana Vera and Kayla Clark. Dana and Kayla continue to work in education and were able to give helpful advice in terms of how to create effective lesson plans. Team STARRS explored google forms as a potential platform for the remote camp. Two previously made lesson plans were converted into google forms to allow for campers to work remotely. Converting these plans to google forms helped us to get a better understanding for how google forms works. The next step will be to come up with a platform through which to share these lesson plans. Having panels with alums has given us tools and options for hosting platforms. Alums have informed us of resources such as flip grid, newsela, remind, and nearpod. Alums also inspired us through providing us examples of their own lesson plans.

In order to prepare for next year’s camp we came up with a few ideas for a theme and mural. After talking amongst one another we decided it might be good to build the camp around the themes of environmental justice, intersectionality, advocacy, and climate change in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope to build the camp around the idea of change and building a better future.  In order to articulate these plans we are in the process of coming up with a name for the camp. At the moment we have two ideas for a name for the camp. One being “Changemakers: The Sea and Me” and the other being “What’s in Me, The Change in the Sea.” We would love if you could help us to come up with a name by using this link to vote! And remember to check back next week for more updates!


-Cassandra Gonzalez and team STARRS

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