Week 5 Update

This week Team STARRS continued to make virtual lessons for students and teachers in San Pedro, and improved and revised our previous activities. We are working on topics like Ocean Currents, Marine Protected Areas, Advocacy and Activism, Conservation, and more! We are so excited to share these lessons and activities with the San Pedro community. 

As part of our project we have been working with professional educators to inform our lessons, and next week we will meet up with Graeham Dodd. Graeham is the Director of Curriculum Design & Innovation at Campus School of Smith College, and she will give us advice on using Google Forms for our lessons and explain us how the Campus School found success in their transition to remote learning. Graeham will connect us with several Campus School volunteers. These elementary students and their families, plus other volunteers will give our projects their first run through. Their trial run feedback will help us improve our activities before sending them to our friends in Belize.

Throughout this lesson and activity development we have found the time spent together as a team peer editing, collaborating, and connecting with supportive resources like Graeham and our other Coral Ed Alum panels to be most rewarding. 



Despite working remotely from cross-country and time zones, we remember that we are all part of the broader Coral Ed-Venture community. It’s hard to believe that we have only one week left for our summer project.


Remember to vote on our Camp Name for 2021!


-Hannah Gates and Team STARRS

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