As we enter our 20th season of Coral Reef Ed-Ventures, we are pleased to announce the ongoing giving opportunity established in 2015 to support the continued vitality of the program.  We welcome all contributions regardless of the amount.

The Coral Reef Ed-Ventures program, co-founded by Allen Curran, Geology, Susan Etheredge, Education and Child Study, and Paulette Peckol, Biological Sciences, continues to thrive and impact students’ lives in a way that is described as life changing.  This was put eloquently by Kayla Clark ’14, from team STARRS 2012-14:

“In order to teach lessons on the ecology of San Pedro I had to learn a lot about mangroves, sea grass and corals. To be honest I had never even heard of sea grass before my first year. While I may not remember in 10 years the scientific name of turtle grass I will remember the ecosystem services these grasses provide and have an appreciation for why conservation of these habitats matters. During the three years, I developed relationships with people whose homes, livelihoods and well-being are impacted by the state of mangroves, sea grass and coral reefs. This has had what I think will be a lasting impact on how I think about environmental conservation. On one hand I am coming away with an appreciation of how complex conservation is and a more nuanced view of how development and resource use plays into those decisions. I also have an investment and interest in conserving Caribbean corals that is heightened by knowing that people I care about are directly affected by the health of the ecosystem in Belize.”

Coral Reef Ed-Ventures could not operate without the generous donations of the people of San Pedro, Belize, Hol Chan Marine Reserve, the Environmental Science and Policy Program, generous alumnae donors, and many student support funds including the Agnes Shedd-Andreae ’32, and B. Elizabeth Horner Funds, and the Center for the Environment, Ecological Design, and Sustainability.

To donate online, go to the giving gift form and choose Coral Reef Ed-Ventures from the drop down menu “select” under “gift purpose and amount”, then “other designations”.

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