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Ballroom: The Dance That Globalization Built

By Sarah Godel, Smith College

Ballroom dance is consistently transforming itself. From its earliest form in the late sixteenth century, ballroom has continued to grow and evolve into what it is today. Ballroom has been “ a living thing influenced by events and sensitive to what is going on all around,” whether it be “a […]

Voguing: Madonna and Cyclical Reappropriation

Madonna in the “Vogue” music video

Voguing: Madonna and Cyclical Reappropriation

by Stephen Ursprung, Smith College


Voguing has left its mark on the world largely due to the commercial success of the Madonna song of the same name. On the surface, voguing appears to be the dance of black […]

The Globalization of Bollywood Dance

By Erica Marcoux, Smith College


Over the past few decades, Bollywood films have become their own distinct entity, given rise to a new variation of a genre of dance, and have developed into a globally recognized and appreciated phenomenon. Globalization is defined by dictionary.com as “the act of extending to other or all parts […]

Early Globalization and The Roots of Dancehall

By Canace Morgan, Mount Holyoke College


The pulsating digital sounds of dancehall music permeate Jamaican life, sometimes to the point of intrusiveness. Its tracks, played in an empty bar, keep community members hearts dancing at nights, and create a steady pulse that leads them into the mornings. This was my first experience of dancehall; […]

The Africanist Aesthetic in American Dance Forms

by Emily Willette, Smith College

The Africanist Aesthetic and American Dance Forms


The history of globalization and cultural hybridization goes back through time as long as people from different places have been interacting with each other. Through trade of all kinds, people all over the world have been sharing their practices with others and […]

Batsheva Dance Company

By Clare Schweitzer, Mount Holyoke College


The Batsheva Dance Company is a celebrated contemporary dance company based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Under the current direction of Ohad Naharin, the Batsheva Dance Company as well as its youth company the Batsheva Dance Ensemble are fixtures in the international dance scenes. Their stunning physicality and acute […]