Interviews & Essays related to Happier?

Daniel Horowitz has discussed ideas from his book Happier? in a variety of media outlets:

In Greater Good, publication of the University of California’s Greater Good Science Center, December 15 2017 —- “What Can a Historian Reveal About Positive Psychology?” interview with Jill Suttie 

Marcus Smith, interview on Brigham Young University Radio 

“The New Tax Bill Will Be Bad for the Emotional Well-Being of Tens of Millions of Americans,” Quartz Media

Interview by Karen Brown for New England Public Radio, “Has Happiness Movement Led to Happier People? Historian Raises Skepticism”

Interview by Braco Pobric

Interview by Uplift (Australia), “The History of the Happiness Movement”

Cody Delistraty, “Who Gets Left Out of the Advice to ‘Make Your Own Happiness,’” New York Magazine online, Feb. 2, 2018, 

Daniel Horowitz, “The Proliferation of Happiness: A Professor of Consumer Culture Tracks the History of Positive Psychology,” Smithsonian Magazine, March 13, 2018.

Daniel Horowitz, “In the Worst Human Traumas, Psychologists Found the Roots of Happiness,” or “How War and Misery Gave Us Positive Psychology,” published in and reprinted in Boston Globe, May 6, 2018.