Marie Antoinette Portraits

Marie Antoinette had many portraits painted of her throughout her life.  Some of these are hanging in this virtual gallery.

First draft:    Choose one of the portraits in this gallery and describe Marie Antoinette as you see her, as if you were meeting her for the first time.  You need not know anything about the artist who painted the portrait or any of the historical details relating to the portrait.  For now, simply look and describe what you see.

You may ask yourself some of the following questions to help you start:  How does she hold herself?  How does she relate to the viewer?  How would you describe her gaze?  How is she dressed? What accoutrements surround her? What adornments add to or subtract from her portrayal? How old might she be in the portrait you are looking at?  How is she trying to present her self to the viewer? What role is she conveying?  Why might she want to show herself as she is?  Who might the original viewer have been?   What effect might the portrait have on the viewer?  What effect does she have on you, a twenty-first century viewer?

Revised draft:  Once you’ve had your writing conference with me and after you’ve taken into account what you’ve learned about Marie Antoinette in the last two weeks of class,  post your revised description by clicking on the portrait you selected, and inserting your description into the comments rubric.