Marie Antoinette Portraits


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  1. jfromularo says:

    Her expression seems alert. And with the placement of her delicately dangling hand she gives the impression that she has only just lifted her perfectly coiffed head off of her absent hand. A light smile plays across her young and overly rosy complexion. With a slightly raised brow her playful expression denotes a sassy challenge or an inviting “tète a’ tète,” beaming through her blue eyes, dancing across her rose petal lips. In addition to her coquettish pose of upright posture feigning ease, is her decorated costume. Adorned in a blue and white ruffled and brocade gown, she looks the epitome of a French courtier. With her faux grey powdered puff of hair sitting atop her head, she gracefully reclines on an expensive ermine fur whilst seemingly unaware of the jewels and lace that adorn her dress. She is quite young in the portrait, and it is probably one of the last portraits sent to Louis XV in order to secure the marriage proposal. The viewers most likely would have been the royal family she was about be joining as a member of the court. The portrait presents the young archduchess of Austria in the most French way possible. Her blue and white court dress alludes to the colors of the French Bourbon and her seductive gaze suggests the promise of bearing an heir. She is young but learned in the ways of those of whom she is trying to impress.

  2. jvanpee says:

    Of the portraits painted before her marriage, this is the one in which she looks most successfully French. You note well the more elaborate dress that she wears, adorned with jewels on the sleeves, lace and complex embroidery. Clearly, this is the dress of a future Dauphine and Queen of France.

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