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Consorts of Manipulation

My post is in response to “The Divine Madman.” I felt confused, disgusted and intrigued all at once by this reading. However overall I didn’t really enjoy it. After reading it I felt glad that I was done with it. … Continue reading

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Gender Equality and What Does it Mean to Truly Make Merit?

To Buddhists merit is understood to be the good fortune that is bestowed upon a person for making good action. It is believed that giving alms to a monk produces good merit. The belief in receiving merit in return for … Continue reading

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The role of Alcohol and the Impacts of Modernization on Ladakh

Of the two districts of Ladakh Leh is more Buddhist and Kargil is more Muslim. A huge reason for why Islam began to spread in Ladakh without incredible dispute was because of the inter-community marriages between muslims and the royal … Continue reading

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