Add a new post


Add a new post to your WordPress Site.

Who can do this?

Contributors, Authors, Editors & Administrators

Plugins required



Posts appear in reverse chronological order on a site home page. As opposed to pages, posts may have comments fields and are included in the site’s RSS feed.

To add a new post:

  1. Log in to your WordPress Site
  2. From the Toolbar menu, select +New, then click Post.
    Toolbar menu, select +New, then click Post.
  3. In the title box, enter your post title. Based on your title, WordPress will automatically create a link for the post.
    Enter title and then enter body content.
  4. In the post editing area, enter your content.
  5. Additional sections (category, tags, featured image) may be completed as needed and/or edited at a later time.
  6. Additional publishing selections may be made within the Publish box (status, visibility and publish) as needed and/or edited at a later time.
  7. When you are ready to publish, click the Publish button.
    When ready to post, click "Publish" button.

To learn more about creating a post, click here.


Contributors cannot publish posts.