Attach a file


Add a hyperlink to view or download an attached file

Who can do this?

Anyone who can edit the post or page in question


While editing a post or page:

  1. Put the cursor where you want the attachment link to appear.
  2. Click on the “Add Media” button just above the editing panel.
    "Add Media" button
  3. Choose the “Upload Files” tab under “Insert Media.’
    Note: If the file you want to offer has already been uploaded, you can select it from the “Media Library” and then proceed to step six.
    upload files tab
  4. You can then drag files into the Upload window or click “Select Files” and navigate to the file you want to upload.
  5. If your upload is successful, you should see a thumbnail for the file with a checked box:
    confirmed upload
  6. On the right-hand side of the media upload interface you should see a section labelled “Attachment Details.” Put the text that will serve as the hyperlink in the Title field and click “Insert into page”:
  7. The result for this example will look something like this:
  8. You can edit the text of the hyperlink provided you are careful not to delete it in the process.
  9. As always, you should test what you have done to confirm that it works as expected.


WordPress may prevent you from uploading certain types of files, and WordPress uploads cannot exceed a certain size. If you get an error message, then you should consider serving the file(s) from Box, Google Drive or some other service that focuses on file management.

Other considerations

If you have large files or lots of files, even if they are under the limits, you may find it easier to manage them by linking to them on a file management service such as Box or Google Drive.