Spring ’17 Update: Julia Sabbagh ’19

by Julia Sabbagh ’19

I’m excited to be back working in the VCRC and Imaging Center this semester! I had fun last semester learning new things and getting to know the department. I was introduced to 3D printing, laser cutting, and laser printing (all great methods for crafting gifts for Christmas and birthdays). I spent a lot of time learning more about different programs, like Final Cut Pro and Photoshop, and I started learning HTML and CSS coding.

We also spent some time at the end of the semester filming the senior studio art major exhibition. We filmed a few students working on their pieces and the opening of the exhibition. Eventually the footage will be edited and put on the Imaging Center website. The seniors we talked to seemed excited about having their work being documented, and I think it’ll be neat for other people to be able to see the process as well.

This semester I plan to work more with Photoshop and coding, but also learn new programs like InDesign. I’m working on developing my portfolio so I’ll be taking pictures in the Imaging Center photo room of things I’ve done and then using Photoshop to adjust them. I’ve been wanting to learn InDesign for a while since it seems useful and like every internship I’m applying to has knowledge of InDesign as a requirement.

This semester I’ll be in the VCRC on Sunday and Wednesday nights from 7-10. Come by if you have any questions or problems!