Using Digital Imaging in Architecture

by Fiona Twiford ’18

Hello! My name is Fiona and I am a new Media and Cataloging Assistant at the Imagining Center. I am an Architecture major and Engineering minor here at Smith. So far I have been working on equipment checkouts and scanning and I have started to write a Scanning Guide along with Betsy. As an architect, both digital modeling and representation are integral parts of what I do and I look forward to expanding on my digital skills through my work at the Imaging Center.

So far this semester in my Advanced Architecture course we have been rethinking housing in Manhattan to combat overcrowding and are submitting our proposals to an international competition. We used Rhino and Photoshop to represent our designs both in 2D and 3D. We are continuing to expand on these techniques to explore 3D modeling through the 3D printer and the laser cutter. I am very excited to start some more personal projects working with digital fabrication.

I am also interested in the research of both historical and contemporary architecture from around the world. Over this past summer I traveled to Ecuador, Tanzania, and Zanzibar to research and document local earth construction techniques. I photographed, sketched, interviewed, and participated in physical construction.  Through my work scanning, editing, and digitizing documents and images in the Imaging Center I am gaining skills that I will use throughout my academic life. These skills will be helpful in creating a digital compilation of this body of work and further research to come.

I have recently gotten really excited about installation digital art and I often draw upon the intersection of technology and nature in my work. Through my work at the Imaging Center I want to use my connection to the architecture program to increase awareness of the amazing recourses that the Imaging Center has available for architects!