Student Project Highlight: Cataloguing the Work of Michael Mazur

by Olena Zozulevich ’17

Hello, my name is Olena Zozulevich! I am a senior East Asian Language major with a deep interest in art. This year I’ve been devoted to working on cataloguing for Smith College’s image collection – and this work has inspired me to pursue a Masters degree in Library Science after I graduate from Smith in May. While you will most often find me working on an image order or a spreadsheet, I do sometimes get bigger projects. One of those ongoing projects involves the late Michael Mazur’s slide collection of his works.

Michael Mazur (1935-2009) was a well-known printmaker and painter. His work is documented in a slide collection, donated by his wife (a Smith alumna!) to Smith College and Massachusetts College of Art. The cataloguing of the massive collection is a joint project by the two colleges: MassArt scanned and edited the slides, and we at the Smith College Imaging Center handle the cataloguing and metadata. We plan to have the collection up on ArtStor’s Shared Shelf.

The number of slides is massive, to say the least! I spent many days last semester combing through binders full of them to get information and match slides. And yet this was just one small part of the massive project. I’m really excited to see everything move forward and onto ArtStor.

My efforts are not without reward – I got to know Mazur’s beautiful art really well. I admit I had never heard of him before I started working on this project, but I am definitely a fan of his now. I never get tired of looking at his prints, paintings, and drawings, no matter how many times I have to return to any page of those binders. It’ll be even better when I’m not squinting at small slide images!