Imaging Center Collections

The Imaging Center Collections are intended for teaching and learning at Smith College. The collections include licensed images, images under copyright, and copyright-free images. Reproduction of copyrighted slides, photographs, and digital images in any format is regulated by law and subject to prior agreement with the owner, publisher, or vendor of the item. When using these images, it is your responsibility to observe the rights of the license and copyright holders. For copyright information see the source information with each image description.

The Imaging Center adheres to the Visual Resources Association recommended practice outlined in: Visual Resources Association: Image Collection Guidelines: The Acquisition and Use of Images in Non-Profit Educational Visual Resources Collections

Terms and Conditions of Use for Smith Licensed Images:


See ARTstor’s Terms & Conditions of Use English version

If you have any inquiries about ARTstor’s Terms & Conditions of Use , please contact ARTStor at

LUNA at Smith College

The LUNA database contains licensed images from the following vendors:

AMICA Library Art Museum Images from Cartography Associates
See Restrictions on Using the AMICA Library

Davis Art Images
See Davis Art Images Digital Use Agreement

LUNA Commons
See LUNA Commons Terms of Use

Saskia, Ltd. Cultural Documentation

a) Licensee [Smith College], including your faculty, staff and currently enrolled students may use the Licensed Software to display and or print the corresponding graphic images without limitation for teaching and research purposes at the defined Site [Smith College] or at remote locations having electronic access to your Site(s).
b) This license includes permission to use the Licensed Software on a multi-user network at the defined Site and to permit remote access to a computer/server located at your Site. Simultaneous Display in multiple locations at or connected to the Site also is permitted.
c) You agree to employ reasonable security measures designed to limit access to your faculty, staff and currently enrolled students.