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Spring 2022 Issue XVII: Global Encounters

In this edition of Global Impressions, we look back at the images and stories from the Global Encounters Photo contest. The past couple of years have been marred by international tragedy and uncertainty. For many of us who survived the catastrophe, the worst of which we hope is behind us, the solemnity brought a sort of reprieve, a seemingly much-needed break in the usual, fast-paced rhythm of productivity. Yet there are those of us who, for one reason or other, continued on our routines, despite the isolation and hygienic quarantine. And then there’s travel: for those of us fortunate– or forced–to leave home to travel abroad, we certainly didn’t take it for granted. We reflected on privilege; renegotiated the terms on which we want to understand the world around us. In fact, the photographers who submitted to our annual Global Encounters Photo Contest documented humanity and nature in various aspects of respite. Respite, which comes from the Latin respicere, meaning to observe back-ward; re-regard; reconsider, appears to recur thematically across the submissions we received. Gaze backwards with a present perspective and wisdom, and reconsider some of your favorite Global Encounters admissions.

Guest Editors, Emma Davis ’25 and Merisa Skinner Ada Comstock

Mount Desert Island, Acadia National Park, Maine, USA Alone in Acadia by Clare Adamczyk ‘24 - Walking around a space I have not seen before, and I have to tear myself away from behind my camera lens. Acadia… Continue reading Alone in Acadia
People’s Friendship Arch complex in Ukraine Architecture of Memory by Cody Bloomfield ‘22 - Ukraine might have knocked down the Lenin statues and stripped the Soviet names from the streets, but the architecture of memory still… Continue reading Architecture of Memory
Group of children sitting together Pakistan Zindabad by Mariam Habib ‘25J - The decision to submit this photograph for the Global Encounters Photo Contest was an extremely difficult one for me. It was laced… Continue reading Pakistan Zindabad
Old mills in Sorrento, Italy, overgrown with plants Sorrento’s Vallone dei Mulini by Betsy Hillier '22 - Along Italy’s famously picturesque Amalfi Coast hides Sorrento’s "La Valle dei Mulini," or "Valley of Mills." These modern ruins find their beginnings… Continue reading Sorrento’s Vallone dei Mulini
reflection of the train station in Zagreb, Croatia The world changes – the view of a picture changes by Carlotta Reinhardt ‘22 - The world changes – the view of a picture changes. Summer 2018. A lovely day, I spend some time in Zagreb, all… Continue reading The world changes – the view of a picture changes