Issue X: Immigration

Many of us, if not all,  emigrated from elsewhere to the United States, whether our ancestors came with the Mayflower, or our families came later to escape famines, wars, pogroms, or to seek their fortune or a more promising life in the new country of “America.”  Some of us have stayed, some may be passing through and returning to their country of origin, but most of us share a history of coming from other countries and making a new life among the many others that constitute this country historically and today.  In this issue we share different stories of   immigration–leaving, returning, settling or never settling–and the questions that arise when crossing borders or moving from one culture to another.

The theme of our Winter Issue XI , “Every Picture Tells a Story,” will  focus on images and the stories they tell.   A photo you took on study abroad, from home in another country, or in your travels often has a story behind it:  What inspired you to take it?  What did you see in it, once taken, that surprised you or that you had not expected?  What memories of time or place or of a particular event does it now evoke?  Send us your photo and tell us the story behind it.  Submission date January 29, 2018.  Submit directly on line on the submission form for Issue XI.

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