Memorias de Una Rosa

I spent the majority of my childhood in rural Guatemala, with my grandmother, my abuela Reina Sical whom I called Rosa,  as my primary caretaker.  After moving to the States, I was not able to attend her funeral.   One photo  I have of her remains a precious link that recalls memories of my beloved grandmother and sparked this narrative tribute to her.


Stefany Alicea is a sophomore at Smith College on the Pre-Med track pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science. She is an active participant in the Smith community by holding leadership roles and taking part in school events. She is very excited to work start being Junior Community Health Organizer (CHO) and seeing the way she can take this opportunity to amplify students’ voices.

As a young immigrant from Guatemala,  she is concerned about the way that healthcare access affects remote places.   Her goal  is to make healthcare more accessible to vulnerable populations and to harness the knowledge she will gain from medical school and her computer science degree to help her community. She plans on visiting Guatemala in the coming years to go back to visit her family, and the place where her grandmother rests.

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